• 商品介绍
  • 规格参数
  • 警告:

    不要对 本产品做任何更改。

    弯曲或 重塑头架会使其变松弛以至佩戴时会从内垫下漏进噪音。

    内垫密 封性的损坏会影响噪音降低率。

    经常检 查耳罩是否有损坏。如果有内垫受损、变硬或者老化,应立即将其更换。

    不适当 的佩戴会降低使用效果,并可能 造成严重的损伤甚至失聪。


    Do not make any modifications to this product.

    Bending or re-shaping the headband will cause a loose fit and allow noise to leak in under cushions.

    Noise reduction is adversely affect by anything that impairs the seal of the cushions.

    Regularly inspect earmuffs for damage. If the cushions become harden, damaged, or deteriorated. they should be replaced promptly.

    Improper fitting will reduce effectiveness and may result in serious injury or hearing loss

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